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Titanium PAR Needle Holder, 5″ (12.5cm), Micro-Onyx Jaw

Titanium for its light weight, corrosion resistance and anti-magnetic properties.

Delicate, popular needle holder for blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and facelift procedures. Fine tips easily access small and delicate areas. Micro-Onyx jaw features tungsten carbide particles bonded to the jaw for securely gripping needles, suture, and tissue. Shanks are precision balanced for comfort and control. Ratchets are precisely cut for effortless locking/unlocking.

Use with 6-0 or finer suture.

A Titanium PAR Needle Holder, 5″ (12.5cm), Micro-Onyx Jaw is shown against a white background, ideal for blepharoplasty procedures. An inset image displays a close-up of the grooved section of the needle holder, illustrating its texture and grip pattern.

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