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Tebbetts Stainless Steel Skin Retractor, 6″ (15cm), 16mm Wide

Specifically designed to minimize trauma to nasal tip skin during open rhinoplasty. Rounded, tapered edges with grooved, concave tip for stabilization against nasal dorsum and to minimize skin trauma. Ergonomically designed handle with patented self-retaining feature maximizes stability and comfort. When sterile elastics are placed in the angled slot and then attached (with suture or staple) to the drapes, the instrument is held in place thus freeing the assistant’s hands.

A long, metal hand tool featuring a cylindrical handle with a textured grip section in the middle. One end of the tool tapers into a curved, flat prying tip, perfect for open rhinoplasty procedures, while the opposite end ends in a straight, hollow cylinder.

Product Name: Tebbetts Stainless Steel Skin Retractor, 6″ (15cm), 16mm Wide

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