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Tebbetts Alar Stabilizing-Jig, 5″ (12.5cm)

Unique design with delicate projecting pins and millimeter scale allows for stabilizing as well as providing reference points for precise resections or modification of alar cartilages. When placed under the alar cartilage, the pins stabilize and flatten the cartilage. A pin placed through the alar dome point identifies this key reference point, while other pins serve as references for precise resection and preservation of adequate rim strip.

A Tebbetts Alar Stabilizing-Jig, 5″ (12.5cm) with a sleek, curved design features a wide, flattened section at the end for easing footwear on and a slightly curved handle for a comfortable grip. The polished metallic finish enhances its refined look. Inspired by precise resections, this tool ensures stability and efficiency.

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