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Black and Black

Parkes Black Diamond™ Push-Pull Rasp, 8″ (20cm)

Tungsten Carbide. Black Diamond™ “push/pull” tungsten carbide rasp for bi-directional cutting.

Black Diamond™ Rasps
Black & Black Surgical’s Black Diamond™ line uses an exceptionally hard, durable, medical grade carbide alloy that is non-magnetic and non-carcinogenic.

The exclusive patented blend of tungsten carbide in the inserts of these specialty rasps creates an extremely hardened cutting edge, which not only delivers an unsurpassed clean and precise cut, but also translates into reduced patient trauma. As a result of our unique manufacturing process, these instruments maintain their sharpness longer than standard instruments, yielding a money-saving cost/use analysis.

The weight and density of Black Diamond™’s advanced ergonomic styling creates superior comfort in handling and enhanced mobility in performance. The select Black Diamond™ material blend is also non-magnetic with a lower porosity, allowing for more thorough, and less potentially damaging, sterilization.

A gold and silver colored dental tool with a serrated tip and a smooth, rounded handle that shines. The handle is tapered and grooved for grip. The left side of the image has a black label with yellow text reading "MEDICAL GRADE TUNGSTEN CARBIDE.

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