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Black and Black

Microvascular Onyx Needle Holder, 6″ (15cm), 4000 Jaw

Delicate, with fine, tapered tips easily access small and delicate areas. Popular needle holder for facelift, necklift and rhinoplasty. Tungsten carbide inserts for securely gripping needles, suture, and tissue. Shanks are precision balanced for comfort and control. Ratchets are precisely cut for effortless locking/unlocking.

Use with 5-0 or finer suture, 4000 jaw.

A Microvascular Onyx Needle Holder, 6″ (15cm), 4000 Jaw with gold-colored handles and a textured gripping surface at the tip. Featuring precision-balanced design with finger loops, these forceps include tungsten carbide inserts, as shown in the inset image highlighting the detailed gripping surface.

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