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Black and Black

Micro Approximator Clamp, 8mm (0.3-1.0mm)

An icon depicting two Micro Approximator Clamps, 8mm (0.3-1.0mm) side by side within a carrying case or cooler. The outline suggests the shape of the container and the two clamps are shown upright, positioned next to each other. The drawing is simple and minimalist in black and white.
A minimalist black outline illustration of a Micro Approximator Clamp, 8mm (0.3-1.0mm) featuring two bottles placed inside. The carrier has a handle on top and horizontal lines at the bottom. The bottles are upright and symmetrical inside the box-like structure.
A simple black and white line drawing of a Micro Approximator Clamp, 8mm (0.3-1.0mm), with ends resembling small T-bars. They are positioned side by side and connected horizontally by a single straight line near the bottom. The image appears minimalistic and symmetrical.

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