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Facetite Hand Piece

FaceTite is an advanced contouring technology that can provide significant improvements to the face and small body areas. Using the power of Radiofrequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL), FaceTite is the next best alternative to a traditional facelift, without the large visible scars and downtime associated with extensive excisional surgery.

Key benefits

- Work safely in the sub-dermal plane as you contract and contour tissue using RF energy.‍
- Delivers rapid and uniform heating of the entire soft tissue matrix.‍
- 100% energy concentration in the treatment zone allows for focused treatment of areas where operators want to avoid heating peripheral nerves or structures‍
- Temperature feedback measures at 1000x a second to provide real time results, even in deep fat areas where laser temperature readers cannot reach‍
- Built-in safeguards including real time measurements of skin temperature, audio impedance monitoring, power cut-off, and audible feedback ensure safety and efficacy.
- Physician pre-sets and controls heat gradient enabling optimal treatment results.

Usage areas
  • Body
  • RF
  • Singleuse
  • Invasive
Facetite Hand Piece
Facetite Hand Piece

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