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Endo Cup Biopsy Forceps, 6″ (15cm), Straight, Malleable

Malleable punch for precise resection of the procerus muscle. New handle design allows for better control and less tip movement. Insulated shaft permits cauterization.

The Daniel Endoscopic Forehead instruments have been developed for multiple endoscopic procedures.

New innovative thumb-actuated ring handles provide greater tactile feedback with less unwanted tip movement than traditional ringhandle instruments.
Shafts are malleable and insulated making the instrument more versatile for multiple applications.
Multiple instrument tips allow for a greater range of procedure techniques.

Image of a medical instrument, specifically Endo Cup Biopsy Forceps, 6″ (15cm), Straight, Malleable. The instrument features an insulated shaft with a small gripping end, ideal for endoscopic procedures. It also has ergonomic finger rings for handling and a "malleable" label visible on the left side.

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