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Decanting Stand™

Built in anaerobic transfers are used to prepare and transfer extracted tissue for re-injection. The Decant Stand design also allows for a natural gravity decant of extracted tissue.

(Please note when ordering. The first size indication is the top - to - the second size indication, the bottom.)


  • 60cc Toomey to Luer Lock
  • Luer Lock to Luer Lock
A black metal Decanting Stand™ labeled "AT60LLDS Tulip" with a conical shape, a cylindrical top with a hole in the center, and a round base. Designed for anaerobic transfers, the instrument features corrugated sections for grip, and "LOT17382-01" is printed on its base.
A close-up of two medical devices on a white background. The Decanting Stand™ on the left is purple and labeled "Tulip, ATLLDS, LOT 2796-A," with a syringe inserted at the top, designed for anaerobic transfers. The Decanting Stand™ on the right is black and labeled "AT60LLDS, LOT 17382-01.
A metallic purple attachment labeled "Decanting Stand™" and "ATLLDS LOT 2796-A" on the front. The cone-shaped device features a screw-like top and a textured bottom edge, designed for precision in tasks like anaerobic transfers. It is placed against a white background.

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