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Black and Black

Cottle-Hurd Skin Elevator, 7-1/2″ (19cm), 8mm Wide

Facilitates elevation of highly adherent periosteum, both in rhinoplasty and subperiosteal face lift procedures. Also ideal for creating the malar implant pocket.

This sharp elevator dissects hard bone tissue with precision and ease. Slight curve matches the contour of the mandibular and malar areas. Ergonomic flattened handle prevents unwanted rotation during use.

A silver, elongated Cottle-Hurd Skin Elevator, 7-1/2″ (19cm), 8mm Wide with a pointed tip and fluted handle design rests against a plain white background, reminiscent of the precision instruments used in rhinoplasty. The handle is embossed with vertical grooves for added grip and aesthetic appeal.

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