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Black and Black

Fedtindsprøjtningskanyle Type III, Luer Lock, Lige

Rustfrit stål, 3 mm diameter Luer lock nav
Til brug med Luer lock sprøjter / Luer forbindelseshåndtag.

Close-up image of a metallic nozzle with a hexagonal body and threaded end. The body, designed for Luer lock syringes, has "B&B" engraved on it along with some additional markings. The nozzle narrows into a thin, cylindrical tip. The entire component appears to be made of stainless steel. This is the Fat Injection Cannula Type III, Luer Lock, Straight.
Close-up of a cylindrical stainless steel Fat Injection Cannula Type III, Luer Lock, Straight with a partially hollowed-out, rounded end. The surface appears smooth and slightly reflective, indicative of high-quality metal. The hollowed section has a small rectangular opening, akin to those found in Luer lock syringes.

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